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Orthodontic treatments extend beyond just braces, with a variety of appliances designed to correct jaw alignment issues and reposition teeth. In some cases, these appliances are used alongside traditional braces to:

  • Expand the palate and create space
  • Close large gaps between teeth
  • Correct jaw irregularities, like an elongated mandible or a short maxilla
  • Address crowding in either jaw

Common Orthodontic Appliances:

Each appliance targets a specific orthodontic issue, chosen based on the patient’s unique needs.

  • Palatal Expanders: These devices, available as bonded or banded, widen the upper arch to accommodate permanent teeth and correct narrow bites or crossbites. They’re relatively discreet and require periodic adjustments. Initial acclimation might temporarily affect speaking and eating.
  • Facemasks (Reverse Headgear): Used to address discrepancies in upper and lower jaw growth, particularly in Class III malocclusion cases where the lower jaw is more prominent. By pulling the upper arch forward, facemasks encourage balanced growth. This appliance includes a head frame and elastics attached to the teeth, needing to be worn for 12-20 hours daily.
  • Headgear: This device corrects Class II malocclusion, or overbites, by slowing the growth of the upper jaw and allowing the lower jaw to catch up. Attached to braces and bands, headgear is designed to create space or move front teeth back. Similar to facemasks, effective treatment requires 12-20 hours of daily wear.

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